Monday, June 8, 2015

De-Stashing Junk ... better know as cleaning house

Over the summer, my younger daughter Josie will be staying while she is finding a job and an apartment while getting ready to head for Carl Sandburg's welding program.

As the Father's Day weekend is coming up, so is More on 34, a garage sale that starts in Aurora, IL, and ends just outside Galesburg, IL. I, of course, am right on Rt. 34 and have a garage! Thus, in the name of riding myself of unneeded "stuff" am having a seriously cheapo garage sale in order to clear out my house and basement so that I may focus on those things I really want space for.

One of those things is books! I have like hundreds of them. And, while every time I look at them I remember why I purchased them, most often, I do what everyone else does. We go to "the Google" and search up the information that we need. Remembering this has been very helpful in minimizing my book hoard.

While I will be seriously selling off stuff I don't need any further, the second half of the plan is to take everything that hasn't sold by Saturday evening and donate it to the Salvation Army or Good Will and not bring anything back into the house.

If you've downsized from a big house to a small house, you know exactly what I mean about de-stashing your stuff. It is truly amazing what we collect and tuck away in odd corners, then forget about. Worse yet is when you have "stuff" from various grown children who think you will hold there things forever! My oldest daughter just rented her first apartment, and while it is seriously empty, we've had the worst time getting her to visit and sort the things she has stored in our attic.

It's time for a deadline!