Wednesday, July 24, 2013

It's Still Quiet ...

I'm just having a nice quiet cup of coffee before leaving my house. It's so nice to be in my fairly clean living room with no TV, kids or other distractions.

I've tried several different times to come in and write a blog post, but get interrupted so often it's not even funny anymore.

I have been dealing with my son for several weeks. Earlier this month he was introduced to a girl and she took his debit card and about 300 of his income almost making him homeless. With his disabilities, he's OK most of the time, but sometimes can get overwhelmed if tired, hungry or frustrated.

Right now he's in my basement with one of his computers. I can hear him down there talking to the computer. If he's online, he may be talking to his dad.

Meanwhile, the oldest daughter is in Texas helping my parents clean out the house of my mother's oldest brother, who passed away earlier this spring. It's been a job involving dumpsters and they are still not finished. Jess might get to see the Gulf of Mexico as a birthday present. She is going to love that. I might never get her to come home, lol.

My younger daughter has been dividing her time between helping me with Matt, helping me with a house I need to empty and college visits. We've just begun the college visit season with about 6 more visits scheduled. I'm sure we will be filling out paperwork sometime in September for the ones she liked best. So far, ISU is in the top 5.

Love this picture of one of my sunflowers with the bees. My garden took a hit earlier this week with a very windy rainstorm. I lost half of one of my pepper plants and picked up three green tomatoes from plants that were knocked over. Everything will be fine. Next year, 3 garden beds and I will put more soil in the pots so they tip less. I can't wait for next year's garden season, but then there will be January for planning it.

And, for planning my landscaping. Since big projects are somewhat out of my scope, I chose one area of the yard to work in. I still have a ways to go, but the long-term goal is to have garden space for herbs and vegetables. Second, to have enough annuals, perennials and biennials for a nice cutting bed for flowers.

I truly believe every family, no matter the income, should sit down two to three times a week at a table together. I also think flowers really make a difference. Sometimes they start the dinner conversation, but it's the conversation that should become the feature. Talking with one's children and taking them seriously, it really makes a difference. And, since my table flowers are a regular feature, I will let one of the kids pick the flowers out and arrange them if they want, too.

Now I'm off for the next part of my day. I have a disability appeal. It has been so difficult not to think about it all the time, but I've just been working to pass it to my higher power and trust that the right thing will happen, and then to focus on the things I really can change.


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