Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Sewing & Life

Life in general is a lot like mending a pair of pants.

These are a pair of my son's pants. Somehow he managed to rip them in two places all the way from the hem to the hip. He was going to toss them out because he couldn't see fixing them.

Sometimes life gets mess and looks shredded around the edges, too. Like my son's life ... he met a girl at his local malmart. I don't know much about her; never met her. Meanwhile, she took his debit card and spent 300+ of his money, leaving him with nothing to pay his rent. He even got seriously drunk and told off all his family.

The landlord's agent finally managed to kick the girl from his apartment, but the damage was already done. He may end up without internet, television or phone for a while. He did finally call me, though it's taken 10 or so days to finally get the whole story, or what seems to be most of it anyways.

Like mending clothes, you can mend family relationships. It might not be as easy as mending a pair of pants, but it's usually worth it in the end.

While your relationship with your family isn't quite the same, it is nice to know they are there for you even when you've made some mistakes.

In the realm of mending, we're going to be working on mending his relationship with his bank, his landlord and his utilities. Then with his doctors and social services. We've already banded together to clean his apartment. I don't think I've ever seen it this clean, ever. We even took every stitch of laundry from every spot we could find it and brought it to my house where we're working on washing EVERY thing.

And, we do mean everything ... blankets, bedding, towels, kitchen towels, unders, socks, socks and more socks, pants and an endless trail of tee shirts. And, in the folding process, we are sorting and mending tears and holes.

Did I mention I'm tired of laundry??

And, that's only part of it. It will be so nice to have a clean living room again. Most of what you see will leave when we take Matt home. The rest will either have homes in my house or be in a box for my niece to see if any fit her.

And, to make my morning ... my morning glories bloomed today in shades or purple, blue and white streaks and I think there will be a fuchsia one tomorrow ... definitely need pictures! My tomatoes are just beginning to turn. I've been getting banana peppers in piles. My basil plants have been supplying enough that I could give it away if I knew someone who'd use it, meanwhile, it looks nice in the jar in my kitchen window.


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