Friday, July 5, 2013

Happy 4th and Other Notes

I hope you had a happy Fourth of July! This is one of my basil plants. I have been using leaves from it for about 2 weeks and the difference between fresh basil to the standard dried basil is night and day!

For the first year, I did not go to any fireworks. I was so tired after my day that I did not want to go somewhere to watch fireworks late in the evening when Steve has to work the next day. Besides, we would have had to go about 20 minutes from home to watch them. I get tired long before fireworks would start.

And, here is my boy after working hard around our home and then mowing our lawn. I know he works hard at his job and I think that he deserves his time off. Well, and of coarse, I love him to bits.

We've a nice yard and want to keep it nice. I am working on getting some of the areas that either can't be mowed, or look weird when mowed, covered with perennial plants or covered with flowers or vegetables. I talk with him about where I can plant perennial flowers or trees that will bloom. It wouldn't pay to have him mow them down because I planted them in the wrong place!

I am looking forward to bringing some Rose of Sharon babies here and getting them planted into the ground. I also have a hydrangea that I'm going to baby for one more year before putting into the ground. We've talked about some places to put plants and even out the curves around the house. When you are going to mow with something as large as Steve's mower, the fewer curves the better.

I still have more hostas, irises, coneflowers, hollyhocks, Rose of Sharon, and bulbs that I want to get into the ground and have a full range of early spring flowers to fall flowers, plus vegetables without causing him to have extra work mowing our yard.

I have a wrought-iron base I'm spraying black and a table-top I purchased at a garage sale for a dollar that I will use for an outside dining table. I have a patio umbrella to use with the table to create a shaded space for eating outside. Eventually, I want to build a pergola, but it can wait until I've gotten some other things done.

I also brought home a flier on quartz countertops to research into as I would like to upgrade our kitchen with quartz counters, a new sink, and a professional grade faucet with a pull-down handle instead of the sprayer that I have that sticks every time you use it.

I love my kitchen and want to add or improve it any chance I get. I know I've changed my cooking technique to deal with using an electric stove, but I'm finding that a microwave can be an asset if you have glass dishware to use with it. Now I'm going to figure out how to make something from my freezer into something my dear hubby will eat... good thing I've got some time!

I love cooking and he loves my cooking as long as it's something he likes to eat. He will eat something I make even if he doesn't like it, but then I'll find him munching Doritos ... so my usual goal is to cook something good enough for Steve not to be munching Doritos 2 hours later! He's fairly easy ... potatoes or rice, then meat, of course while he prefers no vegetables, I am always hiding them inside the main course, no matter what. Now to go figure what I'm going to make for dinner.

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