Saturday, June 29, 2013

Farmers Market Saturday

Wait until you see the haul I made at the Farmer's Market in Galesburg this morning. So much awesome stuff. I could have bought so, so much more!

Three green tomatoes, three yellow tomatoes, 1.25 lbs. fresh green beans, snow peas, new potatoes, baby carrots right from the garden this morning, a pint of peaches (smelling awesome), a dozen pickling cucumbers, 3 regular cucumbers, 1 Japanese cucumber, a variety of summer & zucchini squashes, plus fresh parsley, picked this morning!

Plus cheese bread from the local bakery on Seminary St. in Galesburg. I also bought a small piece of baklava, which was awesome. Crunchy, honey, sweetness over all to quickly. Sorry, no picture of that. Though that bread smells amazing.

I sent those green tomatoes to my father-in-law because he loves them so much. I'm going to make those green beans tomorrow and the bag has fresh Kale for a meal. Off to the far left is the Japanese cucumber. I can't wait to use that.

Don't those new potatoes look great? Then I need to use those snow peas in a stir fry quick. I love fresh produce and can't wait to use one of those yellow tomatoes for tomorrow's lunch!

Then I bought a small bunch of fresh parsley (makes the stuff at the store look OLD). I put it in water with some fresh basil from my garden.

All my tomatoes have babies and I couldn't resist munching my first sweet banana pepper just the other day. I can't wait to plant more herbs and have a regular kitchen garden with several types of herbs.

A couple days ago, I worked with my Dad to build three 2x2x4 and I just have to figure out how I want to set them up in the space I've chosen. I may want to have a couple more garden beds latter, but I think three is a good start, plus I would still have the pots that I'm using this year.

But the farmer's market in Galesburg on Saturdays from 8 a.m. to noon, just a block off Seminary Street, right near my favorite health food store is going to be a regular trip for me. I can't wait for more fresh produce. So much I should have bought, but I try to buy what I'm going to use during a week.

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