Tuesday, June 25, 2013

How not to paint your patio Iris Blue

Or what happened to my poor project, which is at this moment dripping wet.

I took my sewing table apart to finally begin spraying the bottom of the table, the legs and assorted parts. I had a brand new can of Krylon in Iris Blue satin finish that I started painting with. Being that Sunday started hot and humid, I was working in very light layers, giving the paint plenty of time to dry before moving to the next coat.

There were a lot of screws holding this all together. I believe they are sitting in a puddle on the patio table. I had put the larger piece on a pair of saw horses topped with my piece of plasti-card I use to keep the patio clean. I had sanded down the rusty spots and wiped the surface clean, then put on a light layer of blue.

Laid out an old plastic table cloth and put the legs and other parts to be painted on there. I had given one side of each of the legs a light coat of paint and was checking them. Since the metal is less absorbent than the wood, the paint was taking longer to dry.

I was just getting ready to give the first section of the top another coat and was prepping the paint (shaking the can) when it slipped from my hand and went flying. Before I could do much else, blue paint was spraying everywhere (yes, I have blue toes).

So, Sunday while shopping I purchased a new can of Iris blue Krylon spray, but rain has kept me from finishing my project. I may have to bring everything into the basement and finish it there.

This is the top and the sides of the table-to-be. But, it's going to have to be dry for me to finish the top, so the top is probably going to be done inside. Once I get this finished, I'm going to re-arrange some sewing room tables and sewing machines so that I can sew while watching my big machine embroider.

I am also planning to replace a plastic 3-drawer bin with a wooden dresser. Did I mention my sewing room is also my dining room? So I think replacing as many plastic pieces with real wood pieces will pull the whole room together.

I am also going to place an APC battery back-up in the dining room and plug my computerized machines into that to prevent damage from electrical serge's. I do tend to turn the strip that the machines are on now off during thunderstorms, just in case, but this would give me just that little bit extra insurance.

I also recently dyed my hair and used a new brand. I'm not sure if I should say Oops, or Wow. But, it's really blonde, looking like I just spent my summer on a beach every day. I wasn't sure how this would come out, but I was definitely not expecting this pale of blonde.

All I can say is that this product promised grey coverage (no I didn't just admit to grey hair, really) and I think it worked a little better than I planned.

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