Saturday, June 22, 2013

Projects in Progress

I have been slowly making progress on projects on my list. I picked up a handful of wood chairs, one missing the seat caning. I had purchased outdoor fabric and pet screen to replace the caning. I think it came out well.

I have a little fabric left to make a small cushion and then it will find a home in my sewing area.

Another project awaiting my attention, the replacement for my moose soap jar. I have the drill out to work on a sewing table so I will get the hole drilled in it's lid as well as the lid of my "sharps" jar for discarded needles and pins.

I suppose you can see a theme running through here. I guess it started with the new dishes.

I found this vinyl that coordinates with my blue and white dishes. I already have some on top my sewing table for my big machine. I want to put my smaller machine up to sew while the big machine embroiders and found this table in my Dad's shed.

I've already started by sanding the top and pulling the plastic sides off. Now I need to unscrew the legs and paint the underside, the table legs and glue the vinyl to the top. The white duct tape is to replace the edging. I also purchased new glides for the legs.

My Mother's Day roses are also blooming. I thought this one would be yellow but I think the white looks beautiful. This is the second one to bloom. The first one opened a beautiful peachy red; of course I missed the first bloom.

But, I've got more blooms coming. Also looks like I've got a bit of weeding to do. I've also got a bit of potting to do as I came home with a flat and a half of impatiens and petunias. I also have a wandering jew and a pineapple that I've rooted.

I'm starting to get quite a collection of little house plants ... an English ivy, a hydrangea, a poinsettia from Christmas, plus my new babies. My potted garden outside is also moving right along. I used some of my fresh basil with some homemade potato noodles, and have seen little tomatoes starting to form. My peppers are also beginning to bloom!

Now to be patient ...

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