Sunday, June 2, 2013

Saturday Flowers

Part of what I love about the end of May and beginning of June? Irises!! I love my irises and having cut flowers on my dining table.

Today I have bouquets of irises in my living room and dining room. The pale purple ones are from my garden and are incredibly fragrant with hints of grape.

The extra large yellow ones and the deep purple ones are species plants rather than common ones. I really love these dark purple ones. These are from my mother's garden. The recent storms completely knocked her yellow ones flat. Rather than let them rot on the ground, I cut them and brought them home.

I couldn't resist saving this one bloom that fell off while trimming for vases. I put it in my little watering pitcher in my kitchen window.

My tomatoes in pots are growing like crazy. They were so little when I planted them. They are now about a foot tall and still going. This is a good warm spot somewhat protected from the wind a little bit. I did have to move my peppers to the patio and out of the winds from the last round of storms.

Fortunately the storms have moved along so I was able to take a trip to Milan for Amy's Shower. Amy is expecting her second daughter within the next two weeks. I made a onesie in green baby knit with ladybugs flying around. I also pulled a pile of ribbons and trims from my stash and made a lace baby bonnet. I wrapped everything in pink tissue paper along with some diaper rash cream, lotion, body wash and lavender baby oil gel.

Beautiful cake ... white and chocolate marble with very sweet frosting.

Amy Cutting Her Cake

I Drool Red White and Blue
Serena modeling the bonnet I made
Soon to be Big Sister, Serena
I had lots of fun while being able to catch up a little with Sue, Amy and Ray.

 And, here on the way home, being able to see those dark grey storm clouds moving on east. I could still see signs of water in fields and creeks well above their normal level along the way. Now, I'm off to clean my kitchen and take a peak at my tomatoes and peppers!


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