Monday, May 13, 2013


Tomorrow I will hopefully get to finish what I started this morning. I have about 12 large brown pots that I purchased for an idea I had for my wedding, but changed my mind after deciding how the flow of the space available would go.

Flower wish list ... Dianthus
I have also decided that I'm not ready to get into building bunches of raised garden beds to have a garden. Neither am I ready to give up the taste of a sun-ripened fresh tomato. So, container gardening should give me a few tomatoes, a cuke or two and maybe some peppers and zukes.

So tomorrow I have a date with 9 tomatoes, 7 peppers, 6 marigolds, 3 cucumbers, some basil and rosemary. The rosemary is a perennial so more thought will have to go into it's placement as it will be permanent. The rest will go into my nice brown pots and hopefully thrive along the southwest side of my house.

Our house came with the basic evergreen foundation plantings and a few shrubs. As mulch under the evergreens someone made a 3 foot border of river rock practically all the way around the house with a narrower border around our back patio. A bonus, there's a spigot on each side of the house so no having to drag a house from one end of the yard to the other.

Along the southwest side of our house there are no plantings at present. The one sad shrub that was out there was half dead and leaning right into the siding, so out it went. Another mostly dead evergreen in the front of the house also left.

So I'm going to arrange my pots some on the river rock and some on top some 5 gallon buckets along this side of my house and patio providing some much needed interest as well as easy access for watering and care. Hopefully it will be warm enough to make the tomatoes and cucumbers very happy.

I've already planted 3 rhubarb plants out along part of this side of the house. I do need to get out there and remove the grass around them so I can lay more mulch to make it easier for Steve to mow around them.

While I don't have pictures of any of the plants I purchased today, I will take pictures of the little babies tomorrow once I've got them happy in their new homes. I am still looking for a variegated Sage plant, but I'm sure one will turn up. I'm already considering where I want to place it.

I have many, many more plants to lift, divide, move and plant. I also have a wish list of plants and flowers I can't wait to have. Now I'm off to let visions of peonies, roses and irises dance through my sleep.


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