Friday, May 3, 2013

Vogue 8751

I made Vogue 8751 for my daughter for the lower half of her prom outfit.

She would have preferred belt loops, but as it's 10:51 p.m. the day before she needs them, I think she'll manage without this time. If my changes work, then I'll make her another pair with belt loops in a more appropriate fabric.

Pattern Used: Vogue 8751
Fabric: I used a stretch crepe with only a small amount of stretch. It is a royal blue color.
Did it look like the pattern picture: Yes, it looks pretty close to the pattern.
Pattern description: Misses pants with yoke versions.
Where the instructions easy to follow: Yes. I used the instructions for zipper assembly and to get the pants basically assembled and felt that they were easy to follow.
Pattern alterations: I had to size the pattern up to my daughters proper size. I also had to change the dart angle, width and depth.
Likes? Dislikes? My daughter chose this pattern after a pair of pants she particular likes. My dislike is more about not having her here to do fitting. The pattern was not really that complicated. The fabric I used was more to match what my daughter wanted for her prom outfit than proper fabric for this pattern and I plan on making her more pants from this pattern using fabric more appropriate for the pattern. I also have an idea to make that yoke a bit simpler than what it was. The zipper was flawless and my pocket was beautiful.
Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others? Yes, I am already planning to sew it again depending upon how this pair fits on Josie. If I like the fit, then I will make more pairs in better fabric. This is not a pattern I would recommend to a beginner, but someone with a little sewing under their belts should be able to follow this pattern without problems.

This is the simplest zipper I've ever done and I used the regular machine foot. I may choose to extend the zipper into the yoke in future versions.

Pocket detail.
With the flash, you can't really see the detail, but the pocket insertion in this pattern makes beautiful pockets. I only had problems getting the yoke to set properly, but I feel that was more a problem of the fabric I used, crepe with some stretch, than a flaw of the pattern. I am considering making a version of this pattern for myself.

Josie may let me have a picture of the complete outfit tomorrow. I would really love to have a picture of her entire look for prom. I don't know if she'll do prom in her senior year, so this might be the only prom she does. If so, a nice picture would be wonderful.

I'd liked to have a whole pile of pictures, but I don't think Josie would go for that. I'm pleased that she's going to go to prom. I kind of think next year, we should be focusing on colleges we want to check out and what she wants to do for her major.

Meantime, I've got a pork shoulder to decide what to do with, plus green onions to freeze and rhubarb to make into jelly, ice cream topping and strawberries to combine with it to make either coffee cake or upside down-type cake. My rhubarb plant had quite a lot of stalks for it's first productive year.

I just moved a plant, divided into three, to my Altona home. I'm looking forward to moving hostas here!


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