Friday, May 31, 2013

Sometimes ....

Sometimes I don't have a definite concept for a blog post. Like today, I just don't have any theme and am probably just going to wander around like a lost puppy.

Took some pictures for items to list in my etsy store. I love the colors of this pincushion cup. I have another with violets and gold edges that I have not found the perfect shade of purple to match the flowers to use for the cushion part.

I also took pictures of a beautiful carved leather purse circa late 60s to mid 70s. I have a piece of leather to fix the area where the connector for the strap failed. It's in very clean shape with lots of space. I also took pictures of a purse part donor I purchased to make my Mom a new purse. First, I'm going to ask her if she wants to use it as is since it's pretty nice looking.

It's actually not my Mom's style on the outside. It's really more about being able to stand by itself and then to do this ...

If she says make something bigger (as in a little deeper, this is only 6 inches), then I will make her one of those pull out purse organizers to go inside and make it easier to keep track of things. 

I've also cut some baby onsies yesterday and will cut a pink bonnet today. The first one is green with lady bugs and the second is white with bunnies and sailboats. I have some dusky pink fold-over elastic to use at the top. I don't know if I have snaps for the bottom, but I'll come up with something. The bonnet is going to be fun ... lace, ribbons, ruffles ... 100% girl.

I made one like it for Jessica when she was born. She had so little hair that even when I dressed her in head-to-toe pink AND ruffles I still got asked how old my little boy was! And, Josie was the same, hair so blonde and fine that it was more like chickie fuzz than hair. I will post pictures later of the finished pieces.

Also, today I still want to make 2 loaves of Six Banana Banana Bread. I actually had to purchase some but was lucky and found a whole bag for 1.99 at my HyVee at just that wonderful shade of ripeness. I've already got a batch of Soft & Chewy Coconut Milk Bread. I divided it into portions and a loaf is rising on one pan while I've smaller bun size portions rising on another. 

I've been baking for the kids and they are enjoying it. When I was working, it was rare that I could bake for them. And, when I would make something like birthday cake, my late hubby would usually buy one before I could make one! As if store bought cake could ever be better than homemade. I think I should surprise Jess with a small cake next month. Her birthday and our 6 month anniversary are the same day.

Couldn't resist ending with violas from my front yard. I love the deep purple, almost black, coloring of them. I've mixed them with pale purple ones with yellow centers, then pansies with purple centers and brilliant orange edges. Mixed with the flowers are oak-leaf dusty millers. Eventually I will have lots of perennial flowers and places for annuals so that I can cut my own flowers all spring, summer and fall!


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