Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Purse in progress

Josie found a really cute mini cross-body bag but didn't like the color or top-stitch contrast (black & white), but really liked the long strap, small size and inside space. So we decided to purchase something more her style and make one.

Heavy Brown Upholstery Outside and Silky Stripe for Lining
The Plan
I sketched out the bag from from a couple quick photos we took, then I drafted the pattern and began cutting the parts.

Lots of pieces to this pattern. The fabric shell is fairly heavy, so doesn't need any interfacing. The lining, being very silky, needs to be stabilized in places like where the zippers for pockets will be going.

Close detail of one of the inside pockets. I have a huge stash of recycled and old zippers and was very happy to have found several that match fairly close.

When we purchased this fabric I fell in love with a black and silver brocade. It just looked like the perfect fabric for a clutch purse.

So here are the two I made from the brocade I purchased. I loved the look from both the right and wrong sides of the fabric. These are awaiting embellishment and closures. Since these are the first clutches I've ever made, they were a learning experience for me.

Making the second one, I gave it more stablity at the bottom and back/front upper edges. In the seam allowances I put this covered by the widest zig-zag I have. It really holds the bag up and gives it structure. I'm tempted to re-work the first one and add some to its outer shell.

You can see that it really does give the bag a wonderful bit of structure were the first bag is definitely more floppy.

Next on my list is to design a Doctor's Bag for my mom to replace her Vera Bradley bag that's looking a little worn. I am hoping to find a bag at a sale to sacrifice it's hardware for this project, so I'll be watching at garage sales for the perfect candidate. Otherwise I have some ideas for a bag that has boning in the sides with a snap or zip closure.


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