Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Blogging ... for the First Time ...

Is a lot like writing your first report. What do you title it? Is your title original? Will anyone finding it interesting enough to read? Then, writing all the details.

I'm not a writer by nature. I draw, paint, sew, sculpt, knit, crochet, arrange flowers, bake, decorate, or basically attempt any creative form of expression available BESIDES writing.

So, right from the beginning I'm going to apologize for poor writing form and/or wandering posts. I tend to write the way I think, which unfortunately, can easily wander off in any number of directions. And, if all that can be forgiven, I'll eventually get were I originally set out to go.

Next ... oh, me ... 

I am a daughter, wife, mother and retired graphic artist. I worked for 27 years for a major newspaper, have four interesting kids (25, 19, 17, 15) and one pet (Sasha). Only the 15 and Sasha live at home.

Home ... which means a new-to-me house! Which means cleaning out an old house, decorating a new house, deciding what comes with me to the new house, selling or tossing items and then, coercing three children to do the same.

I love my new home with it's light and rich color scheme and lots and lots of windows! Lots and lots of light! At just over 900 square feet, which sounds small, it's just the right size.

My old house was 2800 square feet, which works when you have a lot of bodies to A) fill the space and B) help keep it clean. Once it's just you ... it's like being buried. And, to complicate it even further, I'm not just working through my own things, but also my late husband's things (collections, projects, tools) and things from an online store.

And, just to toss my whole life in the air I have several health issues (part of the reason I retired). Even just a short description would take more paragraphs than I'm ready for.

Which gets this blog started with a history, even if it's brief. Now I have a home for all the pictures, descriptions, recipes tried and other things that would be good to share with family and friends. And, isn't that what everything and everyone needs? A place to call home.


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