Monday, March 11, 2013

Monday, Monday ...

My Mondays are always busy. I usually have one doctor's appointment, although today, I have two. I am also going to meet Jessica (19) at the Valley house to do a little work. Then I'm going to load her car up for with items to drop off with Josie (17) and items for her to take back to her dorm.

And the week ahead is going to get busy too, since I'm getting ready for another sewing contest. Pattern Review's next contest is a Pattern Stash contest. Perfect! I just sort my patterns and have many that I've had for years. So this week I'm going to clean my sewing work area and finish the sheers I'm working on so I can be prepared to use as many patterns as possible.

I've had this pattern for a while:
McCalls 6205
I have a wonderful idea including beige lace and blue chiffon.

McCalls 6203
for which I've got a comfy summer top planned. I'm not sure which fabric yet, but it's going to be cool. I'm not sure what color for this, but I'm considering blue or leopard. 

Then I have an idea for this New Look pattern using the sleeveless top in the center. I've had this pattern for so long. I considered letting it go, but the style is classic and can be modified so many ways. I'm considering a black or a rose printed stretch lace and more chiffon.

New Look 6680

Then I've got sketches for a blouse and pants from these two:

Simplicity 2773
Simplicity 4291

Using the top from 4291 with the sleeve of 2773 and the pants from 2773.

I'm sure I'm coming up with more ideas than I'll have time to sew, but I've got two more if I get these done.

I purchased a gorgeous black mesh dress, very boho looking, long sleeves, ruffles and, oh my, very sheer. It definitely needs a new slip. I'm thinking bright blue to match a very gypsy looking beaded blue scarf.
Simplicity 8486

I think this modified to be straight with slit sides would be perfect under my dress. I already have the perfect bright blue knit, so not only using from my pattern stash but my fabric stash, too!

Then, if I really have all of the above finished:
Simplicity 2961
I bought this one for my daughters along with fabrics to make each girl a blouse. Even though I can only enter one in the contest, I will probably aim at making both. Jessica's is various leopard and zebra prints in black/white/green and Josie's is similar leopard and zebra prints in purple, but will include some black mesh to make the look more funky.

This will be the most clothing sewing I've done in years. And I will be doing other projects in the background as I am preparing to fill 1/4 of a booth space in May with my parents. The first flea market I will have worked since I was a teenager. If all goes well, I may try my hand at other shows, which I usually avoid because I'm just not the world's greatest salesperson.


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