Sunday, March 17, 2013

If I'm Irish, do I have to wear green?

Happy St. Patrick's Day to all my family and friends. I hope you all celebrate in any manner that is appropriate for you.

I have been in a state of busy-ness, as my oldest son, Matt, is moving from his current place to a new 1 bedroom apartment and needs help getting packed and sorted.

Then there is the usual grocery shopping, except that the college kid, Jess, needs groceries, Matt needs groceries and Josie needs groceries, therefore, the grocery list just expanded.

Then there are the things I'm working on for a flea market in May and things I'm doing to decorate my house.
Rubbed bronze spray painted outlet covers and switch covers definitely look much nicer than those plain white or cream ones.

I really like how they look with the colors of the walls in our living, dining and bedroom areas. They seem to enhance the color scheme.

I'm also working on other creations for the flea market. I've always wanted to upcycle clothing and lately, a couple of wedding type dresses came my way.

Here's the start of the first one ...
A beautiful shade of rose pink. While the dye work is done, there are still many details to go before it's ready to spend a special day with someone.

My second needs to have the crinoline cut from underneath and then I intent to embellish it with handmade fabric flowers ...
I really love the way the dyes came out with this one, purple towards the top with blues down the skirt and then some purple at the bottom. The colors really bring this lace to life. I intend to embellish it quite a bit. Keep an eye out for pictures. I promise to post them!!

The last dress I'm working on, I did an ombre blue dye and I seriously don't think it needs anything more ...
It starts creamy white at the top and gradually gets deeper blue towards the hem. The beading is so beautiful, I wish it were my size. Even with no where to wear it, I'd still find somewhere to wear it!!

I've also been learning some new styles of folded flowers. They are so simple once you get the process down.
I've used bits of yarn and beads for the center of this one. On another I've used an antique mother-of-pearl button and for a larger one I've combined another yarn and several layers of beading.
I cannot wait to make more. These are so simple and can use tiny amounts of fabric. I think you could even use bits of a favorite garment that is no longer wearable. It'd be an awesome way to preserve something you love.


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