Sunday, March 17, 2013


As the weather gets warmer and the sun comes out, I like to get outside and take my dog out for what I like to call a "scratchy sniffy walk".

This is Sasha. We think she might be 12 years old. We adopted her or maybe more accurately, she adopted us.

She is also the world's best escape artist. We've had to come up with many creative enhancements to everything from her collar to her dog pen in order to keep her from taking her own "walks" around town. She loves to be spread out in the sun in that recliner, but she also loves to be outside.

Walking is good for your health. I know it makes my back feel better. I put on a solid pair of shoes and dress to be outside in clothing that will breathe. A hat, gloves (while it's cold) and my cell phone complete my walking gear.

Wednesday, Sasha and I decided to walk along the train tracks just a block or so away from home. While walking, I love looking for things I can use to make art with from wherever I'm walking. And yesterday was no different, except for the surprise find I came home with.

This knife and sheath were laying upside down along the tracks, full of mud and rust.  Someone had used an old belt to make an arm or leg band and the orange wire to hold the bottom down. The sheath itself is leather. The knife was really rusty. I did some work on it yesterday after I brought it home. I need to get some fine emery or crocus cloth to finish cleaning the blade. It also needs a good sharpening. It's still a really cool find.
I'm wondering what Sasha and I will find on our walk today! Yesterday I completely tired Sasha out ...
If you look just to the lower right of the shed, that little black oval is Sasha ... so tired out that she took a nap as soon as we got back!


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