Tuesday, March 19, 2013

My New Baby

The new machine came home yesterday afternoon. 

Unfortunately I had a full schedule and could not even do more than just get it in the house. Today is also busy and I won't be able to do more than just read the manual until later. I will have to clean and re-organize my space ... really ...

This is one of my work spaces. I've been working on bedroom sheers and table napkins, amongst other things. This is my Brother Project Runway machine. Very reliable and hard working machine. And, my creative space looks much like anyone else's, I hope.

So this afternoon, once I'm home, I will work on putting things were they go, organizing with some of the boxes I bought and some I've made to hold things and move the Runway machine to the storage shelf where I keep my machines when not in use. My Nouvelle is there and my serger.

Here's the new sweetie ...

Still in her bag. The boxes for this machine came in boxes! The carry case had it's own box. The ruler is there for scale. This machine is very big. And, this is just the machine, not the embroidery unit, which is in it's own box ...

And, then the manuals and misc. parts and pieces ...

And ....

That is not quite an inch thick. And, I am going to start reading before I running my errands because I can't wait to start playing with this machine.

The second best part to a new machine besides all the new features and the warranty ... the follow up service. I can get lessons on any features of this machine that don't make sense. And, I know that the people at Galesburg Sewing Center in Galesburg, IL, know this machine and what it can do.

I can never tell new sewists enough to find a good sewing center and buy a good quality machine. Yes, they are more expensive than the one's from MallMart or other places, but, unless you've just inherited your grandmother's beautifully maintained machine, your local sewing center is the place to go. They usually have used machines for sale as well as new ones, plus they usually have on-site repair people if your machine should need service (yes, they need regular service just like your car, really!).

Here's the link for the Galesburg Sewing Center. They have two Illinois locations and I can tell you for sure, the Galesburg folks are great to work with, even if you are just coming in to ask a question.


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