Tuesday, March 26, 2013

McCalls 6205 in Progress

I've been working on my first stash pattern, McCalls 6205. I thought this would make quick summer tops when I bought the pattern. It was only when looking through my stash for this contest that I found that there was a resemblance to a top I saw online.

I traced off all my pieces, including making the alterations the the back panel and spent an afternoon deciding how I wanted to make the lace for the back inset. Since I knew I wanted to use some blue chiffon I bought last fall, I was trying to figure out what I already had on hand for lace.

I knew I wanted butterflies and that I would be following up with some handwork and beading, but none of the lace I had on hand fit the bill. Here's what I decided to do...

None of these butterflies are embroidery patterns. The satin stitch on this machine is very easy to set up and there is an option that allows you to use the speed slider to easily change the width of the satin stitch.

Each butterfly was outlined on tear-away stabilizer and then tacked to a double layer of pale blue netting with a straight stitch. I chose several shades of blue and set up my satin stitch. The harder part was keeping both sides symmetrical.

Here are all the butterflies completed. I am still planning to add some handwork -- beading, ribbonwork, maybe some embroidery. Then, while the back is busy, the front is very plain so I'm considering using some scrap and making a couple butterflies in cream and then hand-sewing them on the front of the top. I was considering putting a pocket on the front for my cell phone, but the chiffon is so soft, I think it would just drag the top down.

I have the sleeves constructed including the slit in each sleeve. I only have to do the French seams to join the front and back, then it's just hems. I've been challenging myself to use some seam finishes I've not done before. With the chiffon being very ravelly, I decided French seams enclosing the seam would be interest.

I've always been a firm believer in making the inside of your garment look as good as the outside. This sometimes makes more work, but in the long run it is worth it. Even if know one else knows it's there, you will and that sometimes can make all the difference.

I'll definitely be ready to post a full review tomorrow. I can't wait to see it all finished. And, then move on to the next top in the plan. I'll also post my finished pressing board that I made to replace my broken ironing board. The link to the how-to at Quilting Arts TV is here.

And, here's a little peak at another project I'm working on.


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