Sunday, March 10, 2013

Learning to find my voice.

For so many years, I've used my artistic abilities to take someone else's idea and turn it either into a successful advertisement or into a sewn item.

There are lots of books and advice about finding yourself, even some that give you exercises to explore creative expression. In doing this exploring I'm learning about finding my own artistic voice. I had not realized how far down my own artistic ideas were stored or how much time it would take to get my own creative design ideas flowing.

In my teens, I constantly had pencils and paper in my hands drawing, sketching, coloring with colored pencils. As my children came and I became more involved in work, the time to draw, sketch and sew became hard to find.

With my wedding, I was able to explore many creative avenues as I created flowers and decor items. Above you see my bouquet, the doves and wine glass candles from my head table, my birdcage card holder and my guestbook pen. I really love the look of those pieces, but we won't talk about the glitter!

Now I'm trying some new crafting projects. Above is my first Art Book in progress. I've also started painting with acrylic paints. My first painting below. I am almost finished and cannot wait to find it a matt and frame.

Through these things I am learning to find my own creative voice. Now, the harder thing to keep up with is all my ideas!


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