Thursday, April 18, 2013

Curtains for my son

Matt, my oldest son, moved into his new apartment just last weekend. This week, he is working to get settled in. Josie has been coming by after school and helping Matt get settled into his new place.

Matt also opted to adopted Sasha, who needed a new home where she could see not only Matt, but Jess and Josie, too. Matt says he's very happy having her with him. Today is the first test of Matt and Sasha. Matt has a doctor's appt. today and he is leaving her alone in his apartment while he goes. I'm really hoping all goes well.

Sasha is very smart. She can get out of doors and cages. She seems to have an almost human understanding of how things go together. I'm hoping Matt can keep her in her kennel while he's gone.

With Matt moving into a new apartment, he needs two new curtains. He has ask for something that he knows I have several versions of, so without much more ado, here are the clips I've promised Matt.

Shades of green and brown

Shades of brown

Shades of brown
Shades of brown, green and black
And, another ...
Digital Camo grey and brown
So, here are the camo fabrics I have, except for the one in the basement. I have enough of most of these to make some curtains.

I've also finished a slip for my black mesh dress. The slip is blue with a couple gussets in the bottom to match the mesh dress. I promise to post pictures tomorrow.


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