Saturday, April 20, 2013

What to Write ...

When you don't know what you want to write. Well, I guess you write a post that brings a lot of things in and maybe goes no where.

Here's the coat I found for Josie for her prom outfit. This is so perfectly David Tennant. Since it's Christian Dior and wool, I am going to ask her if she wants to have me make a shrug in a chiffon or lace to go under the coat.

I've also cut the first sewn piece of Josie's outfit.

The blue outer layer of her corset. I still have the white lining to cut. Due to the weights of the satins, outside and inside, I don't think an underlining is needed. I may still use some stabilizing braid along the stop edge inside. I am planning to round the edges of the boning strips. I'd like to have had a part of this sewn for a fitting today. Maybe if I get this done, I will baste the shell for fitting.

Today, later, I am going up to Matt's new apartment and helping him get pictures hung up, put his shower curtain in place and see if we can't get him some temporary curtains on his windows. I think we should also do some organization in the kitchen pantry and get him more set up for cooking.

I also purchased mattress covers for his box spring and mattress. If he will help me, we will get those on and then find some sheets and a blanket and make the bed. Then, even if he doesn't sleep on it, it's ready for someone to sleep on it. I'm going to have to get some pictures once we're finished.

I also completed Simplicity 3726 to use as a slip under my black mesh dress. I don't think it came out too bad. I didn't make a casing along the front of the dress, just put some pleats in place. I also used clear elastic along the back side to draw it up a little and give the neckline some solid definition.

I added about 4 gussets to provide some flair at the bottom since the black dress has a lot of flair at the bottom. I think this will be the perfect slip. I'm thinking that I might want to cut this again and make some nightslips.

We also had a large quantity of rain. Who has heard of a day from school called because of rain? With the amount of rain we'd had the roads were getting flooded between us and the school were my youngest goes to. So, what to do with a bored teenager?

Teach him to sew! Since my Brother has a speed control and I could turn the machine down super slow, I decided to let him pick some cotton and make a simple pillowcase. One hem, one long seam, one corner and one broken needle. I've no idea how he broke the needle.

He was pleased with himself for completing the pillowcase. The smile when he realized he'd done it himself was huge. I think he's still a bit curious about the sewing machine itself, but I'd rather he didn't experiment.

I think he'd be willing to try another sewing project. I think this time I will make a project and directions and let him cut it as well as sew it. I have the knee lifter on my machine and he even tried to use that.

Now to get some coffee ...


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