Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Prom Details

I finished the outer portion of Josie's corset this morning. It may need a little more "window" detail to complete the Tardis look, but the structure is complete.

I also finished the lining and started the boning. I cut all the bones and covered them with satin for a casing. I put three of them in place and will wait to sew down the remain ones until I've done some fitting. I'd rather wait and get the fitting down than to have to spend a lot of time with a seam ripper.

The boning is sewn to the inside of the lining fabric. I'm thrilled about how fast this came together.

This is one panel of the back with the loops. There is a privacy panel on one side. Once that I have the fitting for the pattern in place I would like to make one reversible.

In the midst of this project, I had to stop and clean my iron. I actually have three of these irons. One I purchased new, one older one I bought for messy work, and one I bought the other day because my new one was making weird noises and not heating up properly. Of all the irons I've had, even a cordless one, this is my favorite. They are the Timex of Irons.

Tomorrow I want to get her pants pattern adjusted, cut and sewing started. I plan to sew them to a point where I can do a fitting. I'm going to take my back-up machine with me and then I can do the fitting right there.

Josie has asked me to bring a pattern from my costume collection so that she can make a full length jacket without sleeves. I bought her a jacket, but she is worried about removing the sleeves to create the look she wants, so she bought 8 yards of a dark brown fabric yesterday and plans to sew it herself over the weekend.

Once I get the fitting done for the corset and the pants, I will have everything complete early next week. Now to get her to let me take pictures of the complete outfit.

Now to get my irises planted.

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