Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Migraines and misc.

Yes, I get migraines. In fact, I get three different types of them. I get the classic ones that start in the back and move forward over your head.

I also get ones that start as vertigo and I can't walk. I have an Imitrex pen for those. Now I'm getting another that starts in the front, up at the top. Excedrin is my friend, along with Dramamine, which is air sickness med. It keeps me from tossing my other medications up.

There is no picture that I could put up here to illustrate a migraine. If you get migraines, then, you know what I'm talking about. It took a lot of adjusting for me to adapt to the migraines that hit me as vertigo. Vertigo, as in I can't walk. It scares people when you can't walk.

The Imitrex pen hurts. You have to hold it in place for 5 seconds after you've hit the button to get the shot. I guarantee, once you've given yourself the shot, that you will find it a challenge to hold that pen for 5 more seconds while that medication get's where it needs to go. And, then it leaves a bruise the size of a nickle.

Migraines Hurt.

Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

And, while they hurt, if you don't have a handle upon them, you live in a dark room and you hope there is nothing in your stomach, because if there is, there soon won't be. Commercials cannot begin to relay how you feel with this kind of headache. This headache stops you from just living.

I am not even sure how to explain a migraine to anyone who has never had one. The best description that I can come up with is a sinus headache combined with the stomach flu.  The combination, along with the sensitivity to light, traps you in one room, if that.

I would not wish a migraine headache upon anyone. No matter how much I would not like someone, there is nothing that would make me wish a migraine upon anyone.

Now on to the misc. part of my head ... On another note, I've finally accumulated all the supplies to make Josie her prom outfit. She has chosen a design that works off Dr. Who's Tardis. There are several different concepts out there for the Dr. Who Tardis Prom dress. The one that Josie favors has the main part of the Tardis as the corset part.

Since Josie prefers pants to skirts, I have a pattern for pants for her that I just purchased. I had some fabrics, a crepe in blue, and a white satin, which would get me started. I bought some blue and black satin to work on the corset, and I purchased boning to support the corset.

The crepe blue that I already have, I am going to make pants. I'm sure I have something to use for an interlining if I decide to go that way. Buying a zipper was a bit of a challenge. I guess zippers have fallen out of favor.

I already had white slipper satin to start with, so all I needed were the blue and black satins. Tomorrow, I'm going to trace off the patterns, including the sizing up, and then I'm going to plan the sewing so I can take a sewing machine with me to fit her outfit and finish it. I will leave some places just basted to allow for fitting and finish off later.

I promise to take pictures of the finished outfit. I may not be there for the actual prom date, so I will have my mother take pictures of what Josie actually puts together. I'm also going to make her a choker with Police Call Box on it and a key hanging from it. Anyone familiar with Dr. Who will know what they key is for.

Now, for the Duck Dynasty guys to come on before my sleep medication puts me to sleep.


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