Sunday, April 14, 2013

Yesterday I got to see all my children at their best. Yesterday, we all came together to help Matt move from his first apartment to his new apartment.

And, I was in a position to see my youngest actually be helpful and not just underfoot. He put his clay, which is usually always in his hands, in his pocket and helped hold doors, move boxes and pickup just about everything.

We also were serenaded by Jessica and Josie when they arrived to help. They were in a great mood. And, they really were packing whirlwinds.

Then there is my new Son-By-Another-Mother Dave. Dave is a fireball bundle of energy. He's a non-stop how can I help, what's next. We couldn't have made the whole day without him. He always had an extra hand when we needed it.

And, the boy himself, Matt, did excellent. He arranged for a trailer and extra people to move all his larger pieces and made it through a day which would cause anyone a lot of stress. Handling large groups of people is not his big thing, so I am very proud of him for making it through yesterday.

He's also been without his phone and internet service for about a week while the service is disconnected from one location and hooked up in another. Today he is going to check that it's hooked up and ready at his new place. He's really ready for the move to be over and for his home to be settled in.

Having moved several times, I know exactly how it feels to have your feet in two separate locations and that feeling that you'll never, ever get done! And, no matter which location you are in, whatever item you need right in that moment, it's at the other location. Your best knife, your favorite pan, or just your blankets and pillows, whatever makes you comfortable in your home.

And, because I was so busy packing boxes, telling people which car or trailer each box goes into or feeding people, I didn't get any new photos of the kids or Matt's new apartment. I did get pictures of the train I got stuck waiting for.

Did I mention it was two trains? The closer one was just getting underway while the other was already moving. Unfortunately, it was slowing, slowing, slowing, right down to stop. Once I realized I was in waiting for train hell, I opened my map on my phone and found another route. The end result being that it took me almost 2 hours to get home.


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