Monday, April 15, 2013


I've been trying to get my sewing projects organized, so I've been trying to take a bit of an inventory. The only problem with taking an inventory after you already have a couple hundred fabrics is that it's very boring. And, I mean, worse than taking an English exam boring.

And, flowers and gardening are more interesting. And, being outside in the sun ...

So here's the inspiration I've been able to pull together so far.

Shirts for Josie from the tweed mix on the bottom and the plaid in the middle, then ...

This t-shirt minus the lace work or applique, just plain with long sleeves in the purple knit.
If there is enough, I might make a second one with some stretch lace in the insert.
I found two more purple knit fabrics, plus this bit of stretch mesh with a floral pattern. Some combination of these should make several t-shirts for either Jess or Josie.
Then I put together these two fabrics and this pattern ...

I was going to use a lace for the top of my slip, but I think I could combine this glittery blue mesh with the blue solid and have a slip dress I could wear alone as well as have a blue slip to wear under my black mesh dress.

Then I found this ... 

A very pretty pale blue chiffon with a rose print and a blue polyester dupioni. There's enough for either a top with a skirt or a top with a camisole. I'll have to see what Jess wants to make since I'm sure this was purchased for her.
Then I found this gorgeous animal print that looks solid black from one angle and sheer from another. I've had this sequined mesh for 2 years. I only bought a yard because it was very expensive. I think these would work good together, now I just need to decide what pattern to use.

Josie is talking about Prom, only 2 weeks from now and has some ideas about what she wants. While I was sorting fabrics I found this blue crepe and this white satin that would be good fabrics to work out some of her ideas.

I also purchased Vogue 8751 semi-fitted pants and McCalls 6770 Jacket, bustle/capelet, skirt and pants. I also have a couple patterns in my collection that could be considered.

Now to just see what Josie wants to use. Meanwhile, I have a couple other beautiful pieces of fabric to decide what I want to make ...

The deeper color has a solid burgundy fabric that I chose for a lining. I could also use that to line the lighter fabric, but I also have a pale green that I bought to line that.

The harder part is that when I purchased some of these fabrics I was working and had a different type of wardrobe. Now that I am not working I have a softer, more relaxed wardrobe and different favorite patterns are emerging. This means seeing if those special fabrics I just had-to-have have enough yardage for some of the newer patterns I want to use.

I also have another bag in the plans, too. I love these fabrics combined.
I just saw a show on PBS for Fons & Porters Love Of Quilting where they made a roomy bag, just the perfect size for library books. I love the soft pinks and rose colors on the cream base. I have some very nice creamy colors for the lining. I purchased a oatmeal colored weave to match the background of the floral prints and a oatmeal and rose colored check fabric for an accent piece. Since I already purchased the interfacing, I can't wait to sew up and complete the bag.

Maybe I will do some embroidery from my new machine and see how it looks. I've not done any pre-programmed embroidery on it yet.

I still have many more pieces, like the grouping I am putting together of demin and homespun-type cottons to make a new tree skirt. I have all the reindeer purchased to embroider on the denim parts of the skirt. I think it will look great.

I also have some UFO projects, like the drapes for my living & dining room and the sheers and drapes for the bedroom. I'll get there. That would be the soft brown ultrasuede fabrics on the bottom of the stack below. I need to cut the white lining for them and then it's a lot of straight seams to finish them up.

Then, as if I need to add any more projects, Matt would like some light-blocking curtains for his new apartment. I also found a brand new black table cloth at Goodwill that should work for a shower curtain. He's had a lot of white around and wants to change it up.

Now to post this so Josie can see the fabrics and patterns I put up here for her and tell me what she wants to do.


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