Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Prom Progress

I've started work on Josie's prom outfit. I have the front portion of her corset sewn. I was surprised at how fast this is sewing together.

No, I haven't taken any pictures since the day I traced off the pattern and cut the blue layer. Today I cut part of the white layer. I also made the cords for the lacing in the back. I've started placing the banding around the white "window" area of the front.

My daughter wants a "tardis" style corset top. I am working off of a concept idea from Pinterest. In order to accomplish this I decided to make the inside lining white satin and the outside blue satin. I cut the two fronts where I wanted the division to be and reversed them then used the black to join the pieces.

Once I completed the joining for the front, adding the next to pieces on each side went along very quickly. I paused for the evening as I tear down my cutting & ironing area since my sewing room and dining room are the same room. I will get set back up again tomorrow so I can iron the seams properly as I go.

I will be making a few modifications as I sew along besides the front cut and flip. I chose heavy satins for the out and in sides so I chose not to underline the outer layer. I did purchase a light interfacing and I am going to add some interfacing to the back pieces where the lacing loops will be.

I can't wait to see this finished. I'm going to be taking it up to be fitted Saturday, along with her pants. So, I promise, pictures tomorrow.

Also on tomorrow's agenda, skimming the fat from my broth and canning it up in the pint jars I just purchased. I found a great deal on chicken breasts and it really doesn't take long to bone and skin them myself. Bonus ... homemade chicken broth. Since I use lots of broth in my cooking, this is a great bonus.

Also on the agenda is getting the irises, rhubarb, walking onions and bulbs I brought home Monday into the ground. The irises needed dividing, a perfect time to move some to my new home. And, I chose to move the smaller of my rhubarb. I hope it works, as I've never moved rhubarb. The bulbs are fall bloomers, so shoulder be ok, but I'm not sure where I'm going to put them just yet. I'll be moving hostas later next month.

The amount of rain we've received lately has been a mixed blessing. The blessing, making the ground easy to dig plants out. The not so blessing? It can be more like playing patty-cake than planting if you are working in the rain.

The weatherman says no rain, so maybe tomorrow morning I can get the plants in the ground. And, more pictures. Really.


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