Thursday, April 11, 2013

Yesterday's Post Got Lost in the Rain

A chilly, rainy evening is always a good time to think about all those things that make you feel warm and cozy. Unfortunately, if your internet service is via satellite, it's not a time to try writing a blog post. So, yesterday's post is here.

So what was I doing on a cold, rainy night? Definitely enjoying those things that make a cold, wet evening warmer...

Like watching the Sox game with my husband. Listening to the rain hitting the windows. Listening to my husband lightly snoring in his recliner cause he's tired but doesn't want to go to bed yet because he wants to "watch" the game. Knowing all my dishes are washed. Having a nice warm shower and slipping into warm PJs.

I'm snuggled up in my favorite corner of the couch with my feet up, cushy pillow behind me, warm blanket over my feet, computer on my lap relaxing, writing today's post, thinking about lots of things.

Here's my boys. The youngest, attention wandering, and Matt, my oldest. We spent a couple hours at his old apartment packing more of his things into boxes for the move this weekend. He's very excited about the move.

He's moving from a residential facility to an less structured apartment. He's been very busy in the last month arranging his finances and making sure that he still gets coverage for his medical services.

I won't get to see the new apartment until Saturday. I am going up early Saturday to help him finish packing all those last minute things, like dishes and clothes, blankets and pillows, things he will need right up until he moves.

He has arranged for family and friends to help him move, so we should be able to start with boxes and end with furniture. Small appliances and electronics can go in my car. I have a couple of his things in storage here at my house.

I know, one of the biggest changes for him is going to be that he can now have a pet. This is going to be a big change for him. Sasha, our little girl, is going to move into Matt's new apartment with him, solving a minor problem of her needing a home near the girls. Now the girls can visit her any time they want.

Sasha is a rat terrier cross that adopted our family many years ago. We think she might be 12 or 14, but no one is sure. I think she will love all the attention she will get at Matt's new apartment. She gets to move early next week.


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