Saturday, April 13, 2013

Sometimes I decide I want to do more than I can realistically accomplish in one day. Or, sometimes even in two.

My easy dress has turned into a little bigger project than the original design. There are two reasons for this. The first is that just tied around my middle made me look horribly dumpy. Since I have a pear shape, I need a little more shaping sometimes.

The second reason I created myself when I decided I wanted a wrap-style front. This has helped to fix the first problem but created extra work. At this point, I've fixed the neckline, added the tie straps, added an opening in the side for the inside strap to come out to tie. All that's left is to a) figure out if I want to make permanent gathers in the front panels or if I want to use elastic and b) to mark it for a hem.

I know already that it's going to be very comfortable and I am going to plan another. It will be nice to have a couple simple dresses. The next design will get pockets so I can carry my stuff. I suppose I'm going back to the old "housedress".

I really love how the shoulders came out in this version and I'm thinking I should make one with long sleeves for winter.

I'm also very happy with how the flowers came out. I'm working on deciding where I want the flowers to be. Originally they were going to go across the shoulders over the gathering, but it really doesn't add anything. Maybe if I'd not beaded the centers. 

I'm tempted to leave it long. It trails behind me like a gown. Must be that princess thing girls get. I just got mine late.

Note to self, when taking a picture over my own shoulder, definitely tie up the hair!!

Today, Matt moves from his first apartment to a new apartment a couple blocks over from where he is now, and, three floors up.
So, I made muffins, fresh bread and bought pizza to keep the volunteer moving crew (sisters, friends and brother) happy. I'm going to go shortly with food in tow and pack his kitchen.

So, I made pumpkin crumble muffins for Dave. And, gold crumble muffins for Jess (apple, mango, oats, orange & lemon zest).

I think both came out looking beautiful.
I also made four loaves of easy french bread to take a few along for the kids. They are enjoying that mom is making all kinds of edible goodies.

I made some mixed berry bread the day before, but my youngest picked off the berries on the top before I could get a picture. It tastes fantastic. The berry recipe came from pinterest. The muffin recipes are variations on recipes from my collection of cookbooks.

The pumpkin crumble is based off an applesauce muffin and the topping is my own design. The second muffin is based off a one-egg cake from Joy of Cooking with another topping of my own design.

Last bit of picture spam. Sorry, it looks a little fuzzy. Sometimes I shake a little and then my pictures get that slightly fuzzy look. Sometimes I can tell, but sometimes they look fine until I bring them in. I try to take pictures that do not need too much editing.

Now I need to pack all this in a box and get on the road.


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