Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Finally finished

I've finally finished my dress. The hem and final minor details are fully finished. I even decided that the one flower I had previous sewn to the dress needed to be moved. I am so glad to have finally completed this project.

I've also put a slim cord along the back neckline for hanging purposes. I do not yet have a photo of me wearing the final version. I put elastic along the front to pull it in, then added several tucks on the inside edge of each elastic on the dress.

While I was working out the final details of this dress I also made a new bag for toting my library book. I'd seen a neat bag done by Fons & Porter on their last show and really liked the way that it turned out. I had some fabrics that I really loved that I felt would be really great for this. I did not have a fabric I felt would work well for the bottom of this bag, so I bought some new duck cloth for the bottom.

I also bought a slim bit of the checked fabric when I bought the duck for the bottom. I had the lining.

I also put two pockets on the inside and a cell phone pocket on the outside. It's perfect for carrying my library books, plus, it actually stands on it's own.

Which I think is awesome. I learned a lot with this bag, used new items I've never used. I also used some old techinques to finish some edges and seams.

Can I say it's perfect? No. Can I say it will work? Yes. I'm not unhappy with the final product for either the dress or the bag. Once my daughter gets me a sketch, I will start her prom outfit.


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