Thursday, April 25, 2013

Vogue 8751 & Art Book Workshop

I have Vogue 8751 traced off to take with me for doing a fitting on my daughter Josie. Once I have the pattern fitted, I will cut the fabric for the pants to go with her top.

I will also be taking the corset top with me for fitting before completing the sewing. I've the boning to finish before joining the outer with the lining. I can't wait to see the finished product.

I also started a 10"x10" art quilt piece on the theme "Passages" that I wish to submit to "Quilting Arts" for their request for reader submissions on the theme. I am finished with the base layer and am now doing the handwork.

I started just a few of the snow swirls today. I intend to add several more along with a few snowflakes. I also have detailing to do along the harness and body of the sleigh horse.

Facial features, sleigh bells, reins and a few other small details. I think I might also add a cardinal into the background just for that small pop of bright color before adding the backing and label.

I was also fortunate to be able to attend an art book workshop at the Galesburg Public Library this evening. It was a lot of fun to see what everyone does with such a variety of materials.

I was working on two books, giving each book time to dry. This is the inside of the first book. It has quite a ways to go before being finished.

This is the cover of my second. I used wallpaper papers for the background and images from a children's book for the pictures. The inside was just beginning to come together. I brought the remaining pieces home so that I might complete the book.

I couldn't resist these bunnies. The ribbon in the middle really isn't quite as wide as I'd like. I may replace it with an orange ribbon a bit wider. I've got the base papers to finish covering the pages. Too bad I won't get to work on it for a while. This was my first time using modge podge. It is quite interesting. Like thinned out white glue, but a glossier finish that suggests a polymer.

This silver film was also an interesting find in the ribbons box. I makes I very bright binding cover. It still needs a trim and some finishing to be right. The blue of the book covers will be fine for what I want to paint on the outside.

This was such a fun workshop. I hope the library considers hosting another one. Although, I wouldn't mind if that had a mid-afternoon or mid-morning one.

Tomorrow Matt will be coming out to help me with some gardening work and moving some things. It will be good to give him a break from his apartment and be good to have a willing helper.


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